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@ShannonSKL: The “newest” member of Twitter

As I shared last week, I gave up Facebook for Lent. One week in, and I’m going strong.

With my Facebook-free time, I have written 2x more blog posts than in a typical week, started a new book, The Fault in Our Stars, and reactivated my previously neglected Twitter account.

I know you’re probably thinking that I’ve defeated the purpose of giving up Facebook (and you may be right), but I disagree and here’s why:

  1. Twitter is a surprisingly reliable avenue for news if you follow the credible news sources. I feel more connected to what’s going on around the world than I ever have before. Full disclosure: I also follow E! News and Perez Hilton, so some of the news I’m consuming is meaningless.
  2. I find it strangely fun to challenge my OCD for description, grammar, and punctuation when compiling a message in 160 characters or less.
  3. It’s an excellent resource for quick tips or links to articles on parenting, health, and more.
  4. As is with Facebook, I have found that I’m not wasting time reading the narration of a high school classmate’s daily life, but instead that Kristen Stewart was voted the least sexy actress in a list published in Britain and Fergie is loving her new #lovelyladybump.

Now that I’m officially a tweeter, I invite you to follow me @shannonskl. If you aren’t signed up, join me and we can figure out this #hashtagthing together.