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The quiet charm of Parenthood

Source: nbc.com

I enjoy watching TV. I know, I know – “It’s a waste of time,” “It will make me stupid,” “There are more productive uses of time…” But honestly, at the end of a long day of work, after Bridget lays her pretty head down, it’s sometimes nice to turn on the tube and just be entertained.

I’ve watched a lot of shows in my day, from Dawson’s Creek to NYPD Blue (thanks, Mom) to Desperate Housewives, and shamefully, Keeping Up With the Kardashians. But there is no other show that I’ve enjoyed as much as Parenthood (Actually, that’s a lie. Golden Girls will always be #1. Always.).

Parenthood, which airs on NBC on Tuesdays at 10:00, flies under the radar; almost enough to barely make it to this season, and I cannot understand why. This show has superb writing, and even better than the writing, is the acting. With such a well-known and likable cast, I couldn’t help but fall in love with this family.

The story lines aren’t elaborate. They simply follow the lives of a normal family facing realistic life experiences. But in every episode, I laugh, cry, and “awww” at the beautiful moments shared between the characters. And when the credits roll, I turn to Brian (who enjoys this show as much as I) and say, “But I don’t want it to end yet.”

If you’re looking for a new show or your next Netflix rental, choose Parenthood. I promise you won’t be disappointed.


The good stuff: Week of 7.22.2012

Happy Monday, all!

Here’s the “good stuff” from last week:

– We purchased our tickets to the Michigan vs. Northwestern football game in November. Brian is a huge Michigan fan and because I never watched much college football before we met (that’s changed significantly since then), I quickly became a fan as well. For our first wedding anniversary, the traditional gift is paper, so I surprised Brian with tickets to his first Michigan game and we made a pact that it would be our little tradition. This will be our fourth year at the Big House and we’re so excited. Although I am immensely proud to be a Student Prince, the Berg didn’t quite offer the same experience of tailgating and football, so this weekend away is quite the treat. Go Blue!

Emily chose Jef in the season finale of The Bachelorette, who was my second choice, and became first when she, in my opinion, prematurely let Sean go. I normally don’t watch much reality television, but Emily’s story was enough to intrigue me and let’s be honest, summer television leaves something to be desired. Of course I am now sucked into the horrible waste of time that is The Bachelor Pad and I do not encourage you follow my lead.

– Bridget and I spent a day with my Grandparents, Great Aunt, and cousins. It was fun watching Bridget take in the new faces and voices.

Former CDH housemates

– In college, I lived in an on-campus house called a Cooperative Learning Community. It’s essentially a house owned by the college that groups can apply to live in by volunteering in the community. I lived in the Children Deserve Happiness (CDH) house for three of my four years at Heidelberg with some of my very best friends still today. A former housemate was visiting from Texas so we got the gang together for dinner and laughed and reminisced for hours.

– And last but not least, the Olympics kicked off on Friday. The concept of the Olympics is still fascinating to me, and aside from the very strange opening ceremony, we’ve enjoyed watching each event and look forward to the next few weeks. I downloaded the free NBC Olympics London 2012 app for my iPhone and it’s been a handy assistant to navigating the games. It offers news stories, results and schedules, TV listings, medal counts, athlete bios, and more. Go USA!

I’d love to hear about your “good stuff” from last week. Feel free to share in the comments below.

Have a great week!