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Five Minute Friday: Here

It’s Friday and time for another Five Minute Friday. As I shared last week, this is a brief writing exercise prompted by one word.

This week’s word is here.


It’s funny how such a small word can be so powerful: love, pray, here.

In this fast-paced world, I fear that we’re not doing enough of enjoying here, and I’m guilty of this too.

We’re cruising Pinterest, pinning images of bigger, better houses instead of enjoying here; the home we have filled with our memories and our photos. We’re at a party surrounded by family and friends, yet we’re more focused on who is doing what on Facebook. We’re Instagram-ing photos to post there instead of to remember here. And we’re too busy planning for next week and next month to truly enjoy the here and now…the only time we’re actually guaranteed.

Yes, it is funny how such a small word can be so powerful. Here I go; making a greater effort to enjoy my here: my home, my family, my friends, my photos, my time.