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A parenthood milestone for me

I crossed a parenthood milestone this past weekend. I watched Disney’s Frozen…and sincerely enjoyed it.

Now I grew up watching Die Hard and Lethal Weapon. My favorite movie was The Fugitive, starring the dreamy Tommy Lee Jones. Animated movies were just not my thing (or maybe more so that they weren’t my mom’s thing). I watched a few here and there—Alvin and the Chipmunks, The Flintstones, and Beauty and the Beast—but that was about it.

So when Brian and I were pregnant with Bridget, we often chatted in wonderment about what we would be like as parents. Who would teach little Bean to swim, who would be the disciplinarian (we are still figuring this one out), and, of course, who would take Bridget to the movies?

Based on the fact that I hadn’t made it through an animated film since I was a small child, the conclusion was that Brian and Bridget had a lot of movie dates ahead of them. Until Frozen came along that is.

It is adorable, funny, happy, sad, and all in all, a great story. I realize these qualities are probably not unique to kids’ movies, but kids’ movies are new to me. And from what I can tell from my Facebook feed, I’m not the only adult that fell in love with this movie.

Thank you, Disney, for introducing me to the other side. Now I can look forward to my future Saturday afternoons with Bridget under one arm and popcorn in my other.