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With a heavy heart…

When I became a parent, I learned about an unofficial club. A club of fellow Moms and Dads who can relate to a sleepless night or spit up as the latest accessory; who will celebrate the milestone of the first tooth with you; and who will look through infinite photos of your child and “ooh” and “ahh” in sincere interest.

These past two days, I grieved for the families in Connecticut; as a person, an American, and a Christian, but mostly as a parent. I could not shake the image of parents gathered at a fire station waiting for the sight of their child. And even more so, the image of the parents of those 20 children who were never reunited with theirs. As much as I tried, it was difficult not to imagine if that was Brian and I waiting for Bridget.

I cried and then prayed, and cried some more. And then I squeezed Bridget a little tighter when I picked her up after work yesterday. I held her a little longer when she woke up in the middle of the night. I snuck in a few more kisses and “I love yous” today. And through it all, I couldn’t help but think about the families who won’t experience these small but amazing blessings again.

As parents, we are fortunate to share in each others’ joy, but can’t help but empathize during sadness such as yesterday’s tragedy. I pray that the former of those will always prevail…