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Happy 1st birthday, Bridget bear!

One year ago, we welcomed our Bridget bear into the world. Part of me can’t believe it’s already been a year, and the other part can barely remember life before her.

This first year was packed with milestones. Each week and month brought a new skill or personality trait: another glimpse into our little girl. 

I’ll remember the excitement when she first rolled over, the joy of her baptism, watching her experience her first holidays, and those unforgettable wobbly first steps. What I also want to remember are the little things; those things that made up our days with Bridget in her first year.

The thrill of knocking over the tower of blocks.


The funny face at the first taste of solid food.

The awe of the Christmas tree lights.

The toothy grin.


The “surfing” motion when she first learned to stand. 

The simple and beautiful sight of her sleeping.


The first time she smiled.

Playing peek-a-boo around the dining room table.

The long nights and early mornings spent rocking her to sleep.

When she picks up the phone and yells “hello” (or her version of “hello”).

When she puts her arm up to be picked up.

Bath time fun.


The endless quest for my cellphone. 

The fascination with the ceiling fan.

That moment of panic when she first stood up in her crib.

The restful feeling when she first slept through the night. 

The comfort of her head on my shoulder and arms wrapped around mine.

The giggle when I spray her with the rubber ducky bath toy.

When she learned to play peekaboo with the curtains.

The relief I felt when she finished her first bottle one week before I went back to work.

The clumsy clap.

The great big smile when Dad walks in the room.

The look back when she’s into something she shouldn’t be.

Look back

The enthusiastic crawl to me when I picked her up from Miss Denise’s house.

The ornery smile when I open the car door to get her out.

The fish face she makes while eating.

Her baby butt (weird, I know, but it’s just too cute!).

The endless laps around the house.

The rosy cheeks and big blue eyes.


The small patch of hair on her otherwise bald and adorable head.

The could- never-get-old “firsts” for everything.

The excitement of driving to pick her up at the end of the workday.

The dozen kisses I steal before I leave in the morning. And then fighting the urge to come back and do it again.

The persistence to climb the stairs. Over and over again.

Stroller rides.

Stroller ride

Chasing the ball around the house because whenever she reaches for it, she pushes it further away.

Her giggles.

The “bobbing” of her head when she’s dancing to music.

When she learned to stack the rings and would clap after each one.

The thrill she shows when pulling her around the house in the laundry basket.

The first time she attempted to walk in shoes.

The snorting giggle.

Her theatric blowing of kisses. Muahhh!

Her first taste of spaghetti.


The smiles when she wakes up in the morning. She is definitely an early bird like her mom.

Her endless curiosity of what’s in the cabinets.

Her fascination with Josie. I foresee a beautiful friendship in their future.

Happy birthday, Bridget bear!



It happened…

It was 5:30 in the morning. We were still half asleep. Bridget was crying. And then it happened.

She took her first steps. There were three of them, well balanced, with her arms out like a walking zombie.

It wasn’t at all how I had envisioned it would be and I, of course, didn’t have my camera (for the first ones, anyway). But, Brian and I both got to witness, and it was awesome.

Another milestone met…go, Bridget!

Now if only I could find the pause button.


The good stuff – 2.20.2013

I’ve learned this past month that the process of buying and selling a house sucks. Period. Brian and I have adopted a new mantra as a result: Keep laughing so we don’t cry.

I’ve been trying to stay focused on all the “good stuff”, too, and here is what topped my list this week.

Fellow parents who told me time passes quickly were not exaggerating. I seriously feel like Bridget is living her first year in fast forward. She’s crawling, standing, and showing signs of walking. She’ll be up and around before we know it.

She has also been quite the chatty Kathy (Kathleen is her middle name, after all) for the last couple months. I swear she’s expressed every sound but “M”. Finally, on Saturday, she said “ma ma ma ma” and didn’t stop. Although I know she has no idea what “ma ma” means yet, I do and it sure is a lovely sound.

This was a beautiful (and much needed) reminder that Zac Brown was a wise man when he said, “it’s the little things in life that mean the most.”

Unconventional must-haves for new parents

As rookie parents, Brian and I relied on books, blogs, and advice from fellow parents to navigate the maze that is a baby registry. Thanks to these aforementioned resources and the generosity of family and friends, we had everything Bridget could possibly need and then some when she arrived.

Aside from the obvious necessities, there are other must-haves for new parents; those items that can’t necessarily be wrapped up and tied with a pretty bow.

Here is my ever-growing list:

Thank you cards and stamps: I was overwhelmed by the generosity of family and friends when we brought Bridget home. Meals, clothes, baby blankets, etc. Since it’s difficult to get out of the house during the first few weeks, keep thank you cards and stamps on hand to easily pop in the mail.

Vacuum cleaner: The loud, obnoxious buzz of a vacuum cleaner works wonders against crying. I caution that there are two downsides to this remedy: 1) you have to turn it off eventually, and 2) your electric bill.

Fan: Not only does a fan produce the best form of white noise, but studies have shown it also reduces the risk of SIDs by as much as 70 percent.

Darkening shades: Our nursery is decorated in gray, white, yellow, and green, so to coincide with the color scheme, we bought white blinds and light green curtains. Cute, right? Yes, but not practical when you have a baby born in May! Until our trip to Lowe’s for darkening shades, a dark blanket and tape to hold it up did the job.

WD-40: There is no better sound to wake a sleeping baby than the creak when opening and closing doors. Buy a can for a quick fix.

What To Expect – Baby app: The What To Expect – Pregnancy app was fun and informative during pregnancy, sharing health tips and estimated weight and size of your baby at each week. The What To Expect – Baby app is even better. At the hospital, you’ll track your baby’s feeding times and diaper changes on paper. When you get home, a paper and pen isn’t always handy, but your iPhone probably is. The app tracks feedings, diapers, sleeping, and vaccinations. If you were in a normal state of mind, you might be able to remember this information, but when your days and nights run together, it’s a welcome help.

Three sleeping bras: Fellow new Mom and friend of mine, Carrie, told me to have plenty of nursing bras because breastfeeding Moms wear a bra 24/7. During the first few weeks, I rarely got dressed during the day (sorry, Brian!), so wearing a normal bra with snaps and straps was unnecessary. I found sleeping bras at Babies-R-Us for $12.99 and they’re like cotton sports bras but more comfortable and much easier to maneuver. Having three has served well: one to wear, one in the wash, and one clean for back-up. Save the real bras for when you venture out of the house.

Ambiance iPhone app: While this app didn’t cut it for Bridget when it came to the vacuum cleaner or fan, it mimics the “sshhhh”-ing sound relatively well and lends a break to your exhausted lungs. There is a free version of the app but you can upgrade for access to thousands of sounds for $2.99.

A fully stocked medicine cabinet: Although there isn’t much you can safely give a newborn, there are a few must-haves that you should have handy. Our first use for all of these required a late-night run to the corner CVS. Save yourself the hassle and extra stress when your little one is sick:

Gas drops
Nasal saline
Nasal aspirator

Pinxav: I had never heard of this nor seen it since, but for our baby shower, a guest bought us this diaper cream. It works magic on a diaper rash. Which is why we still have most of the original bottle left because we haven’t had to use it very often.

What are your must-haves for a baby?