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Take 2: Bridget’s 1st birthday photo shoot

For the second part of Bridget’s first birthday photo shoot, I wanted something “girly.” This was another grand idea of mine, in theory, but not so much in practice. Like I’ve said before, Bridget isn’t the cute dress, fancy headband-type gal just yet in her young life, so this version of the photo shoot was a bit more challenging.

When I put the tutu on her, she looked at it like, “What the heck is this?” And then for the headband, “Yeah right.” This turned out not at all as I had envisioned, but like many things in life, sometimes the unexpected is just fine, too.

After dozens of takes, we coaxed her with Cheerios, a tool we use often to calm or distract her (you gotta do what you gotta do, right?). Here are the best of the “best”:

PicMonkey Collage

One All

And you know how I love black and white photos, so even though the colors are what make this fun and girly, I couldn’t resist turning this one into black and white.

One BW

The number one lesson I learned throughout this experience: I have great respect for children and family photographers. Seriously, how do pros get mobile children to sit still for the camera? Tips welcome, please!

Although this photo shoot didn’t quite turn out as I had planned, it did capture Bridget being Bridget: her smile, curiosity, and active self. Oh, and her love for food.


Bridget’s 1st birthday photo shoot: Part 1

For Bridget’s 1st birthday, I opted to take her photos myself for two reasons:

1) While I know a professional photographer would have captured her at age 1 much better than I could, I know my daughter well and the chance of her sitting still with a cute photo prop and a big flower headband was unlikely. I couldn’t risk the few hundred dollars if she chose not to cooperate.

2) I’ve been patiently waiting for my next “photographer” gig and now that the weather has finally broken (or should I say hopefully?), yesterday was the perfect time.

I literally took 387 photos yesterday (thank you, fancy camera settings!), and narrowed it down to a few. Here is a peek at the keepers.

This rocking chair is a gift from Bridget’s grandma and grandpa L. With 11 grandkids, they’ve established a tradition of buying a real oak rocking chair for each one on their 1st birthday. Bridget loves climbing in and out of it. The backdrop is in our backyard in front of our neighbor’s shed. I’ve never been so happy at their lack of lawn care.



There’s just something about these two pictures that I love. So innocent and real.



And then my favorite…my sweet blue-eyed, bald Bridget bear.