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Football season is here!

The weather should begin to cool. My daily commute has been lengthened by school bus routes.  New seasons will be back on television. Fall decorations are going up this weekend. And football season is here. Yes, it’s (one of) the most wonderful time(s) of the year!

In our home, the countdown to football season began at approximately 10:00 PM on Sunday, February 5 when the New York Giants were crowned Super Bowl XLVI champs. And beginning tomorrow, football will play around the clock on our TV for the next several months: college games, NFL games, coverage and highlights of these games, replays of these games, etc., etc., etc.

To celebrate, I was feeling crafty and created a wreath to promote our excitement for football season. Here are the supplies I used to create the wreath:

Branch wreath – $4.99
Ribbon for bow – $3.99
Wooden letters – $1.49 each
Acrylic paint – $ 1.39 each
Paint brushes – $3.99
White Sharpie marker – $3.99
All-purpose tough glue

[Tips: A hot glue gun didn’t work well and don’t skimp on the paint brushes. I spent more time picking the brissels off the wooden letters than I did actually painting them.]

Here’s the finished product:

Go Blue and Go Browns (always #1 in my book; even if their colors aren’t hanging on our front door)!