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Library cards…check!

We are proud to introduce the newest member of the public library:

One of our first orders of business as new residents of our city was to visit the local library and sign up for our library cards. Bridget had so much fun wandering the aisles, playing with the train set, and spinning the toys on the wall. Her first book of choice was Lost in Place from the Veggie Tales … an interesting selection indeed.


Here’s to many story times at the library!


Love your library

I have a personal and professional vested interest in the success of libraries and the invaluable service they provide to a community. Libraries are far more than brick and mortar buildings for books. They can be the hub of a community; a place to learn new skills, network with fellow residents, engage children in activities, consume the latest movies, music, games, and so much more.

It seems like every month there is a new list that Cleveland tops (or near tops): the most dangerous, most obese, worst sports team, etc. Well Clevelanders, I have good news. We are finally near the top of an important and positive list: #14 on USA Today’s Most Literate Cities in America based on data that includes the number of bookstores, library resources, newspaper circulation, Internet resources, and educational levels. Not only did we make the list, but we received a personal call out from its conductor:

“Cleveland may be a rust-belt city, but it continues to invest in its libraries.”

Did you know that Cleveland public libraries rank #1 in circulation, collections, and staff? It’s one reason (of many, in my opinion) that Cleveland rocks.

If you let your library card expire from your childhood days, dig it out and visit your local library. There are SO many educational and fun services available for adults and children. Here are a few cool and free ones to check out:

Download eBooks, audiobooks, and more

Zinio: Free, popular magazines to read online (Women’s Health, Cosmopolitan, US Weekly, and more)

Ed2Go: Free online courses and training programs (writing, technology, design, and more)

What’s your favorite thing about the library?

This post is my personal opinion and does not represent any other party.

Does Fifty Shades live up to the hype?

As an employee of the book industry, I sometimes follow the lead of sales and hype when choosing the books I read. This is how Water for Elephants and The Help, two books of which I wouldn’t have likely picked on my own,became two of my favorite reads. This is also how I got sucked into reading the first book in the Fifty Shades trilogy by E.L. James, an erotic romance novel about the relationship between college student, Anastasia Steele, and handsome billionaire, Christian Grey.

For months, I boycotted reading this book for two reasons: 1) I have been preoccupied reading parenting books and would have felt guilty putting those aside for an erotic romance, and 2) The basis of the relationship between the two main characters does not interest me…at all (if you need more explanation on their “relationship,” Google it). And then family vacation happened. My mother-in-law and sisters-in-law were raving about the trilogy, and I was beginning to feel like I was missing out. So, I set Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child aside (I’ll get back to it!), and jumped on the Fifty Shades bandwagon and read the first in the series, Fifty Shades of Grey.

Does it live up to its hype? Honestly, I’m not sure. It’s certainly an original concept for a book (at least compared to the books I normally read), so I give it points for that; it was “educational” to my naive self; and it was a decent love story among “the other stuff.” But, the ending was disappointing, the writing is average at best, and for some reason, I’m not clambering for the next in the series like millions of other readers.

Help, fellow Fifty Shades’ readers! Should I keep reading or move on?