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A few of my favorite things

When I started this blog almost two years ago, I wasn’t sure what would come of it. More than 100 posts later, none of my posts are on the list of top pins and they certainly aren’t going viral on Facebook. But what it has provided me is so much more: a real-time collection of priceless memories and experiences of our family of three…and hopefully, one day, a glimpse of her life for Bridget through my eyes.

So, here are a few of my favorite Bridget-isms from recent months.

– Bridget can count on her own to 15 on most days. She usually forgets the number 4 and overemphasizes the number 11. My favorite number that she says is 5. I wish this blog had audio recording integrated so you could hear it. Adorable!

– She went underwater for the first time last weekend at swim class. Luckily she was in the water with her much-braver parent who had the guts to try it. She came up from the water with the biggest smile on her face. And then I breathed a huge sigh of relief.

– We recently introduced the timeout corner of our house. It’s often used when Bridget hits or kicks. She’s not only learned what actions result in timeout, but she so graciously volunteers herself to go there when she feels she misbehaves. I am still trying to decide if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. Either way, my inner self chuckles while my stern face remains in tact on the outside.

– She loves yard work. We’ve tried to sneak in a few yard chores between the cold and rainy days and Bridget loves helping. “Bridgey pick up leaves.”

– Warm weather cannot get here and stay soon enough. We live within a 5-minute walk to a park, so we’ve spent every evening above 60 degrees sliding, climbing, and swinging. It’s all fun and games until it’s time to leave, which then requires us to pull out every bribe we can think of to get her home.

– We visit the library every couple weeks to get new “libaby” books. Again, insert adorable audio recording here.

– I am awaken every morning by a cheerful “oh, Mommmmmmmmy”. While I don’t particularly like the time of the wake up calls, I’ll take her as my alarm any day.

– I love singing, and think I sound decent when I do it. I am dead wrong and you can ask anyone who has spent time with me. I can’t carry a tune in a basket. However, Bridget knows no different and has always seemed to like when I sing to her. Until recently. My current jam is Eric Church’s Give me back my hometown. While singing it to Bridget the other day, she sweetly grabbed me around the neck, looked straight into my eyes and said so innocently, “mommy, please stop singing.” Ouch.

Don’t be mistaken. There are plenty of tantrums and meltdowns in-between these sweet moments. It’s not always rainbows and sunshine. But something tells me I have a few more years before I’m at risk of forgetting about those.


Water baby in the making

Bridget’s first swim class was yesterday. I was excited to get her in the water, but a little nervous since she wasn’t so fond of it last summer. I’m not a huge fan of swimming myself, and my repertoire includes doggy paddling and, well, not much else. So, although I secretly hope she’ll follow in my volleyball footsteps, it’s important to me that she experiences a little of everything and finds something she enjoys.

The first 10 minutes were a little shaky. She clung to Brian’s neck like she was holding on for dear life. But once the group’s instructor started singing The Wheels on the Bus, she loosened up, and kicked and splashed, and waved up to her fan club like the show pony she is.

All in all, the first swim class in the books was a success. I’ll think we’ll go back again next week.


HIMYM sound-off

Last night was the highly-anticipated series finale of CBS’s How I Met Your Mother; the final episode of nine seasons; when we finally got to see how Ted met the Mother, and learn her name; and the end of the story of the cast’s longtime friendship. Even though the final season was average at best, I was giddy all day yesterday waiting for eight o’clock.

And then in 60 minutes, that giddiness was gone. As Robin so eloquently said often during the show, “What the damn hell?

Here is your forewarning: This post contains spoilers. Every media outlet, social network site, and fan blogger has sounded off on the finale. I have no ground-breaking conclusion or unique perspective to offer. I’m just a fan of the show, who was incredibly disappointed and let down at last night’s finale, and is seeking written therapeutic release so I can move on with my life. As my husband so kindly reminded me last night and this morning, “It’s a TV show. They aren’t real people. Get it together, Shannon.”


I always try to focus on the positive, so I’ll lead with that.

Tracy McConnel, aka, the Mother was exactly who I pictured Ted would marry. She was sweet, funny, quirky, and beautiful. They cast well for her important, but minimal, role.

Lily and Marshall lived happily ever after as we expected they would. No surprises, but a satisfying wrap-up to their beloved love story.

We finally saw Barney’s soft side when he held his daughter for the first time and it was legen…….wait for it……dary. Simply beautiful, and as someone who gets to witness a father’s love for his daughter every day, it really pulled on the heart strings.

And now for the moments that tarnished nine years of a good thing:

They had us watch an entire season that spanned the wedding weekend of Barney and Robin just to have them get divorced 20 minutes into the final episode (3 years in “real-life”). What a waste of a final season.

We waited nine years to meet the Mother and they gave us a rushed 10 minutes of how they met? Nine years for 10 minutes. Seriously?

We’re supposed to believe that Ted allowed them to date for seven years and have two kids together before getting married? Not a chance.

Although it was foreshadowed all season, I still can’t believe we waited nine years to meet the Mother only to learn that she got sick and died shortly after? For a comedy, this story twist just didn’t fit.

And finally, above all, I can’t get over the final two scenes where Ted’s kids call him out for liking Aunt Robin and encourage him to go after her…and then he does. What the damn hell? This made it seem like Robin was his true love all along and the Mother was second best. Not cool, HIMYM producers. Not cool. I was never on the Ted & Robin bandwagon and this episode certainly didn’t change that.

I am a sucker for happy endings, so my ideal final scene would have been this: Turn the camera back on Ted, and as he says, “And kids, that’s how I met your mother,” have Tracy enter stage left. And Ted would finally have gotten what we have been hoping for him to all along.

But then again, happy endings don’t produce viral media coverage and a million tweets, I suppose.

Fellow HIMYM fans, what are your thoughts?