Bridgey’s got it

Don’t worry, world. “Bridgey’s got it.”

This is what we hear quite regularly at our house when we try to put on Bridget’s coat, help feed her, attempt to wipe her nose, or buckle her seat belt. The humor and reality of this statement raises a mix of emotions for me.

1) It makes me laugh every time she says it. Every time.

2) I’m glad to see her becoming independent, and I know her stubbornness strong will will be an asset in life (when in check, of course). She’s so eager to learn and experience things, and I hope she never loses that desire.

3) On the flip side, her strong will can be very challenging at times. As much as I love watching her try to clasp and zip her coat, it’s not the ideal use of 20 minutes while trying to leave daycare. And I certainly don’t love getting hit, kicked, and scratched while trying to help. :)

4) It’s a subtle but constant reminder that our baby girl is growing up. This sounds so cliche, but it seems like yesterday that she was just our little bean.

You’re right, Bridgey. You’ve got it. And I am so grateful to get to witness it.


Bridget writing out Valentine cards for her classmates. She had a big smile on her face when she said “Leo”.


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