Bridget-isms: Months 18 & 19

I haven’t posted about Bridget-isms recently. These past few months have been crazy with the holidays, and that we are waist deep in house projects. (Shout out to my handyman husband who is replacing garbage disposals, switching out fixtures, replacing door knobs, staining cabinets, and the list goes on.)

Meanwhile, Bridget is growing like a weed, literally and figuratively. She’s still in the 100th percentile for height (still not sure where that came from) and she’s learning so much so fast. The 18-month mark was a turning point in her abilities and personality.

Although each stage has been amazing and challenging in its own way, I am enjoying early toddlerhood the most thus far. She’s so much fun, and every week brings something new and fun to experience together. In no particular order, here’s what Bridget’s been up to lately:

– She still loves to read. We read the same books over and over again and they never get old to her. Her current favorites are The Adventurers and Stumped. She gets excited every time we read them.

– She is just loving her Lego blocks from Christmas. It’s the first activity she’s solely independent with, so I was able to make a home-cooked dinner three times last week. Score!

– Her favorite thing to do is color, or as she calls it, “yellow”. She has crayons and color wonder Crayola markers that she’ll just “yellow” away with.

– She knows all the basic colors, so everything she says leads with its color: yellow bus, purple coat, pink hat, blue butterfly, etc.

– We have a lot of tea parties, set with “teapots” and “hot coffee”.

– Brian asked me a few weeks ago how many times I hear “mommy” in one day. I first answered with about 100. Shortly after, she must have said it at least 25 times in a minute. I undoubtedly underestimated. Regardless of the number, it doesn’t get old.

– Her favorite foods are “hot” broccoli, cheese sticks, and cheese balls. I’m not proud of the last one, but sometimes it’s the only way to get through the grocery store. I’ve learned in my short time as a mom that sometimes, you just gotta do what you gotta do, and cheese balls help me do that.

– She loves bath time, and it’s a struggle to get her out every time.

– She’s still an early bird, up by 6:30 every morning like clock work. I would pay to sleep in uninterrupted just one time, but until then, I’ll enjoy morning chatter and cuddles. Listening to her talk before we get her out of her crib is hilarious. For example, last week, she was still saying goodbye to Santa and snowman.

– And finally, my personal favorite: she says her prayers on her own each night before bed. Sometimes you have no idea what she’s saying, but she’s saying something, and that makes me happy.

20 months, here we come!


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