Sunday Snow Day

Before the Polar Vortex blanketed much of the country last week, we took Bridget outside to play in the snow for the first time. It was a balmy 36 degrees and we had the remnants of the New Year’s snow storm left to play in.

We bundled her up in multiple layers (maybe too many), and pulled her around the yard. She loved every minute of it, and snacked on a few snow balls along the way despite our efforts.






My mom, Grams, even joined in the fun. Apparently grandparent-hood does crazy things to you. Yes, you are seeing this correctly: My mom in the snow, in capris, with my hand-me-down winter clothes because the woman doesn’t own a single winter clothing item. She’s crazy, I know. But we love her, and so does Bridget.

DSC_2777Here’s to warmer weather, but maybe a few more snowfalls so we can enjoy days like this.


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