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Bridget- isms: Months 15 & 16

Bridget is 17 months old today. I know, right? Halloween is this week and before we know it, we will be decorating the Christmas tree.

She’s keeping us on our toes, that’s for sure. Whether it’s trying to keep up with her when we let her loose in Target, soaking up her hugs and kisses, trying not to laugh when she disobeys with cutest darn smile on her face, starting the day at 5:00 AM when she’s raring and ready to go, or trying to navigate the challenge of how to respond to her sometimes-too-frequent and completely unwarranted tantrums, we are in full force toddlerhood!

Here are just a few of the most memorable things in months 15 and 16.

Hugs and kisses galore
Bridget is so affectionate. I’m not surprised, as anyone who knows my family or me knows that we are huggers to anyone, anytime, for any reason. We like to hug, and so does Bridget. She wraps her little arms around your neck and gives you a squeeze. It ‘s just the sweetest thing.

Brush, brush, brush your teeth
She brushes her own teeth and to help coach her along, we usually sit on the bathroom floor and brush, brush, brush with her. Here’s she and Daddy brushing their teeth:


School pictures
Bridget participated in her first school picture day. I tried not to get my hopes up because I wasn’t sure if she’d cooperate, but she did, and she did so good. Here’s my cheap version of sharing the image (i.e., taking a picture of the pictures). Don’t judge…the only package with the image files was $170. I love these pictures, but not that much. We settled for a few prints for us and the grandparents.



Bridget found her BFF and she comes on four legs: Josie. She just adores Josie; always asking for puppy, hugging her, sneaking her food under the table, and yes, even trying to eat Josie’s dog food. We’ve caught on to this strange habit, but not until after she ate her first kernel of dog food. You win some, you lose some, I guess.


An expanding vocabulary
Bridget’s learning new words every day. Here are the words that have recently joined her repertoire, in addition to “puppy” of course: yellow, kitty, peas, amen, bath, tree, coat, Katie (her friend at school), mommy instead of mama, her own versions of grandma and grandpa, nana and papa, Josie, book, cheese, please, pumpkin.


Fall family photos

Last year, I shared our family fall photo session. I had every intention of making this an annual family tradition, but I kept putting it off this fall. Maybe it was because of weekend plans, the weather, etc., but probably because I knew I would end up frustrated that we couldn’t get Bridget to sit still long enough to smile for the camera.

Because of my interest in photography, I follow dozens of photographers on Facebook; many of whom post these lovely photos of families standing on a bridge or next to a fence, or calmly sitting together on a blanket. Seriously? I can barely get Bridget to sit still long enough to put her shoes on and the only way I am getting her to smile at a camera is if I sneak it quickly while making the sound of “zzzzzzz.”

When the forecast earlier this week turned awful, I knew that if I wanted any pictures of her outside this fall, I had better give it a shot. So we rushed home after work and daycare, grabbed a bite to eat, and changed into the only clean, decent outfit I could find. We loaded Bridget up in the stroller, Kix and camera in hand, and headed to our nearby walking trail.

It went mostly as I had anticipated, proving correct my decision not to pay a professional to do it for us. Since it was only us three, we didn’t get a family shot, unfortunately (I still haven’t figured out that self-timer feature), but we managed to snap a few keepers between the chaos.

Bridget responded better to Brian behind the camera so here's her first look-back at him.
Bridget responded better to Brian behind the camera so here’s her first look-back at him.
I could just eat her up!
I could just eat her up!
My girl and me flashing Daddy our best smile.
My girl and me flashing Daddy our best smile.
I just adore this picture.
I just adore this picture.
Look at those baby blues!
Look at those baby blues!
My handsome guy
And I can’t forget this handsome guy.

Five Minute Friday: Laundry

Today’s Five Minute Friday word is laundry. When I received the email with the word prompt, I immediately deleted it. I enjoy this occasional writing activity, but am selective about the weeks I participate based on the word and if I feel that I have something noteworthy to share. Laundry certainly did not fit that bill.

But then I remembered a brief moment of sheer joy last week when I completed what seemed like endless loads of laundry. After folding all the t-shirts and bottoms, I, per usual, tackled the sock pile (i.e., the bane of my existence). It was quite the pile of dress socks, work out socks, and Bridget’s cute little socks now that sandal season is behind us (sigh!). As I matched colors with each other and moved those matches to another pile, the original pile had dwindled, and eventually was down to two. And two socks that matched! Hallelujah! My first laundry day in as long as I can remember when I didn’t have the folded sock pile accompanied by a smaller pile of orphans.

I smiled to myself, and then shared my good news with Brian, who chuckled and then went back to the football game. I felt an urge to post on Facebook, but then reality-checked myself that no one else would care about this meaningless event. So when this week’s word was laundry, I thought here’s my opportunity to share my news.

It’s subtle events like this that remind us that sometimes, it’s the little things in life…