Our memorable conversation with Bridget

Today was jam packed. We spent the morning at Memphis Kiddie Park (more on that later), had lunch at Cozumel, and enjoyed the afternoon with my family. There was one task hanging over my head that I just wanted to cross off the list today so tomorrow can officially be agenda-free: grocery shopping. Blah.

So we headed out to Giant Eagle, “raced” around the store, desperately tried to keep Bridget entertained during the ridiculously long checkout line, and then loaded up and headed home.

As I mentioned, we crammed a lot into today and by the end of it, Bridget was exhausted. We didn’t want her to fall asleep on the ride home so as I drove, Brian was pulling out all the tricks to keep her awake.

This was part of their conversation, and 30 seconds of my life I so badly wish I could live over again but with a video camera in hand.

“Bridget, whose girl are you?”


“Who’s your biggest fan?”


“Who loves you the most?”


“Who do you love the most?”


I guarantee we couldn’t have the same conversation again given that we had never even heard her say “bof” before, but boy was it one I don’t want to forget. One of those incredibly rewarding parenting moments that makes the challenges totally worth it.


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