Bridget the Explorer

In an attempt to document Bridget’s going-by-way-too-fast baby and toddler-hood, here are some of her adorable, quirky, and funny habits.


She has a thing for collecting. Rocks, mulch pieces, and acorns are currently her favorite items. Some would even consider her collecting to be “hoarding”. When we play outside, which is what we do every minute we can because she absolutely loves it, she will find a rock or other small item and carry it with her until we’re forced to take it away for a meal, naptime, or bedtime. She doesn’t attempt to eat these items (thankfully!); she just likes to carry them around. To commemorate these belongings that she so carefully finds and chooses (because not just any rock makes the cut), I use them in the centerpiece on our table. I figure that a collection of her rocks that Mom kept will make for a good laugh in years to come, and in the meantime, it gives our otherwise generic centerpiece some character.


Every day, Bridget’s learning new words. She’s like our little parrot repeating words when asked. I know I am biased, but when she says her two new words, “turtle” and “purple”, it’s quite possibly the cutest sound I have ever heard in my life.


I am so glad that Bridget enjoys reading. She is not yet interested in television (unless the Chuggington theme song is playing and then it’s like “see ya later, book”). She will pick out a book from her basket and turn around to back up into our lap. We’ll read the story, and if she likes it, we’ll read it a few more times. We play this routine every night for about 30 minutes before bedtime. We’re getting our tax dollars’ worth of library patronage, that’s for sure!

Not Listening

Bridget discovered the “fun” of climbing onto the furniture. At first, when either Brian or I were sitting on the furniture, it was sweet because she was climbing up to us. But, when we’re not on it and she wants to be, we attempt to teach her that it’s not okay to climb on the furniture. Not only does she not listen, regardless of how we say it, but she smiles and laughs as she keeps doing it. Hopefully this is a phase until she better understands the meaning of our words, but part of me thinks it’s just another glimpse into her stubborn personality. After all, “let’s go play outside” and “it’s time for a snack” seem to come through loud and clear. Selective hearing, perhaps?

Growing, growing, growing

With Labor Day being the unofficial end to summer, we dressed Bridget in some of the last of her summer gear. She’s officially outgrown 12 month and giving her 18 month clothes a run for their money. As my husband put perfectly on his Facebook caption to this picture, “When we dressed Bridget this morning, we had no intention of making her look like Richard Simmons.” We got such a good chuckle out of her in this outfit. Now it’s time to pack away yet another round of her clothes. I’m still looking for that pause button if anyone out there knows where to find it.



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