Bridget-isms: Months 13 & 14

I’m back: one month older and a little less stressed. This summer (or rather “what summer?” may be more appropriate) has been crazy and exhausting. I had a huge event for work that consumed much of the summer and Brian was taking an accounting course for his MBA that was quite demanding. Just this week, we’ve finally gotten back to our “normal” life and it feels great. Needless to say, you didn’t miss much during my mini blogging hiatus.

However, you did miss an eventful month for Bridget. Our sweet baby is technically a toddler now and we’re seeing more of these “isms” every day. Here’s a quick rundown of what months 13 and 14 have brought:

She’s talking up a storm. Although she’s not forming sentences yet, she attempts just about every word we ask. Her favorites are: puppy, ball, water, baby, rock, bottle, dada, nana, and papa.

She L-O-V-E-S trains. Train toys, train books, trains on TV, you name it. We currently have every train book checked out from the library and we anxiously await 6:30 AM when Chuggington comes on the TV.

She is very generous with hugs and kisses and it makes me warm and fuzzy inside each time I am the lucky recipient.

She wants to feed herself using her fork and spoon and is actually getting quite good at it, too.

She was Artist of the Week at day care; a very proud moment for her non-artistic mom.

Our night is not allowed to conclude until she takes a ride in her car which usually ends in a brief meltdown when it’s time to go inside.

She’s a creature of habit, just like her mom. We have dozens of books, but we read the same ones over and over and over again. Guilty mom moment: I may have hid the Old McDonald Had a Farm book one night. I couldn’t listen to myself sing the song one more time. I take comfort in the fact that Brian admitted to doing the same thing the day before. Don’t worry, she found it both times.

She keeps us smiling, that’s for sure!

Now that I’m back, look for more posts soon. The theme of our life right now, post-chaos, is home projects.








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