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My vacation to-do list

Tomorrow kicks off the annual L-family vacation. As I shared last year, family vacation is a pillar of our family. It’s a chance for all seven families to spend solid, quality time together for more than a day or two around the holidays, and I am beyond excited.

Aside from the last-minute shopping trip and dreaded packing of the car, I have other very important items to cross off my to-do list on this year’s vacation:

  • Eat a lot of my mother-in-law’s macaroni salad. My taste buds are elated.
  • Run through the sprinkler with Bridget and her cousins (all 9 of them!).
  • Win the family dance-off to my summer jam, “Cruise (featuring Nelly).” I got a text message from my 10-year-old niece that this is happening so I guess I’m in.
  • Sip champagne with my mother-in-law and “sisters” on the Caribbean Island raft tied to the dock. Pre-Bridget, this is where you would find me most of vacation, so I’ll see if I can sneak in an hour here and there while she naps.
  • Walk the 5-mile lake in the morning and enjoy the peaceful, beautiful sights. Hopefully Bridget enjoys the views and quiet as much as we do.
  • Reunite with the sand bar with Bridget and a raft in tow.
  • Play a game of corn hole. I haven’t played in two years, and wonder if I still have it.
  • Play sand volleyball. It has also been two years since I played and I’m almost positive I don’t have it anymore.
  • Enjoy a late night conversation with my hubby on the dock while our feet dangle in the water.
  • Take Bridget to the local kid’s water park for the first time. I’ve never been, but I am so excited to see her splash around in her new tutu bathing suit.
  • Read the rest of The Five People Your Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom before I meet him in August.
  • Try to remember how to play Euchre before I quit or give up for the umpteenth time. I really need to expand my card game repertoire beyond rummy and war.
  • Find an old window pane at the local flea market in Amish Country. I think it would go well next to my “new” vase.
  • Disconnect from the world wide web.
  • Take an afternoon nap. There is no laundry, dishes, or work to keep me from this one.
  • Play with my nieces and nephews. I love these kids dearly and am so looking forward to making crafts, playing at the beach, and watching them jump off the dock.
  • Stay up later than 10:00 but only if I can sleep in later than 5:30. Come on, Bridget!
  • Take lots of pictures and videos.
  • Maybe play a game of Kings? Ok, let’s not get crazy.
  • Take boat rides.
  • Try not to overeat. Who am I kidding? If you’ve ever had my mother and father-in-law’s cooking, you would laugh at me for even including this one on the list.
  • And lastly: Enjoy. Every. Minute.

Vacation 2013, here we come!


Daddy’s girl

I always said that once Bridget realizes that her Dad is way cooler than her Mom, she’ll be a Daddy’s girl. It’s officially begun.

This past weekend, I was in Chicago for work. Other than a few date nights and our annual Michigan football game in Ann Arbor, this was my first extended period of time away from Bridget. I was feeling a little sad and guilty leaving over a weekend, but found consolation in knowing she was with Brian.

When I travel for a conference, there isn’t much time to do anything other than work. Our days begin around 7:30 am and end after group dinners which typically turn into a night cap drink at the hotel bar (aka, way past my bedtime). But during the rush of the day, I still wondered what Brian and Bridget were up to back home. Brian kept me well informed of all the fun they were having together: playing outside, drawing with sidewalk chalk, enjoying Bridget’s new princess tent that she had to have, running around the playground at the mall, reading stories, and the list goes on. He included me as best he could from 500 miles away with these pictures and some quality FaceTime (thank you, Steve Jobs).

Brian and Bridget in the tent
Brian and Bridget in the tent
Sidewalk artwork: "We love u mom"
Sidewalk artwork: “We love u mom”

Since I returned home, I’ve noticed more of these beautiful moments between them. What makes these moments incredible to witness is that I am learning about the special relationship between a father and daughter for the first time…and I’m loving every minute of it.