The hot water tank

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” – Wayne W. Dyer

On Sunday night, our hot water tank died; conveniently during the 30 minutes between Bridget’s bath and my shower.

While bumming about the unexpected cost and poor timing (hello, we just bought this house!), I attended a health workshop during my company’s wellness fair yesterday. The speaker shared the quote above to support the idea that conscious thoughts are important in our overall well being. While I know she intended much deeper inspiration than how to cope with home repairs, I couldn’t help but think about that darn hot water tank. This may seem silly, but it really changed my perspective on this unplanned, and frankly, rather annoying, expense.

After two cold showers and having to boil Bridget’s bottles instead of washing them in hot water, I thought of all the people that don’t have these “luxuries”-even some people in the very same city we live in. And then this hot water tank, a necessary investment in our home, didn’t seem so bad after all.

This tank that sits in an unseen location in our basement may not be the new countertops or appliances I would have much rather spent that money on, but I’m pretty sure I will enjoy my hot shower, bath time with Bridget, and clean dishes much more.

Thank you, hot water tank, for reminding me what’s really important.


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