Memorial Day memories

This past weekend, we celebrated Memorial Day with my family at Cedar Point. With family from Virginia, grandparents who prefer not to travel too far from home, and busy work schedules, a four-day weekend was the perfect getaway.

The view from our small cottage on the lake was beautiful; another reminder of why Ohio is such a great place to live. We ate lots of good food, enjoyed a day in the park, and celebrated Bridget’s birthday in low-key fashion which is exactly what we wanted.

I also learned some facts about myself and the world’s top amusement park. For your reading pleasure, here goes…

1) Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer in Ohio and Cedar Point goers won’t let anything get in the way of it. The high for the weekend was 64 degrees, yet the resort pool was packed, people were sun bathing at Soak City, and short shorts were in full bloom. I couldn’t help but laugh at the irony that Floridians bundle up in winter gear at that temperature, while Ohioans break out the swim suits and flip flops.

2) We enjoyed a few hours at the park sans Bridget (thank you, Grams!), and rode all the notable roller coasters, including this year’s newest, The Gatekeeper. Although I enjoyed the rides, I can’t deny that they made me feel old. I felt shaken, uneasy, and achy after a day full of riding. Bummer, dude!

3) Just because you have a child doesn’t make the Kiddie Kingdom an entertainment home run. We were certain Bridget would love it, but as it ended up, we were wrong. There were few rides she could ride, and she didn’t much enjoy the others. We achieved about 30 seconds on the merry-go-round until she was done and made sure all our fellow passengers knew it. She managed the train but only because we distracted her with food for the duration of the ride. Maybe next year.

3) I will not personally buy one, but no longer will I judge the parents who put a leash on their kid.

4) Cedar Point delivers prime people watching. When you have an hour or more in line for a ride, it’s the best way to pass time. At one point, Brian looked at me and said, “This is going to be a long wait…everyone around us is normal.”

5) I am out of shape. As guests of the park resort, we got early admission, so we were on a limited time budget with a lot of ground to cover. We walked and ran several miles that day, and I woke up the next morning sore and tired. I must get back into some form of shape this summer. I simply must.

6) Last but not least, spending a weekend with my family, disconnected from phone and email, properly kicked off what I hope to be an unforgettable summer. And I have our service men and women, past and present, to thank for that (oh, and my mom…thanks, Mom!).

Happy belated Memorial Day and “summer” from our family to yours!



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