When Bridget was an infant, she was fascinated by the ceiling fan at my grandparents’ house. She would watch the blades go round and round and smile. Meanwhile, my grandpa would repeatedly say, “Fan. Fan. Where’s the fan?”

Bridget has been “talking” for a while, but other than ba ba, ma ma, and da da, she hasn’t quite connected sounds enough for a real word…until Friday.

Brian was determined to get her to point to the fan in our room. He wanted to teach her a new trick to show Papa. After several attempts, he asked her, “Where’s the fan, Bridget?” and she looked up at the ceiling, pointed, and said, “There” (or more like “dare”).

“There” may not be the most exciting word, but in the context of when and how it was said, it was awesome. My grandpa (Papa) absolutely adores Bridget and her new trick will make him so happy. I can’t wait for her to show him.


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