Friday favorites: Distractions from the news

This week’s “Miracle in Cleveland” media coverage has consumed me. I can’t stop watching and reading about this horrific story. I am so happy that the women were found alive, but sympathize for their long road ahead.

Distracting me from the news this week were a few lighthearted forms of entertainment:

The Voice: As a previous loyal American Idol fan (before it jumped the shark), I am glad I found this show to fill the singing competition void in my life. This is my first season watching and it is soooo good. The judges are very likable, and I am always entertained by the dynamic between Adam Levine and Blake Shelton. Team Adam all the way, baby!

How I Met Your Mother: I have been a long-time fan of this show. How could you not be with the cast of characters, complete randomness, and frequent Cleveland shout outs? But admittedly, this show has also seen better days, and I’m mainly still watching to meet Ted’s future wife (aka the “mother”). Well I’m pretty certain that we will finally meet her on Monday’s season finale and I’m pumped.

The Book Thief: I hope to start this month’s book club title soon, The Book Thief (I’m a little behind, obviously). I’ve heard nothing but good things about this book and I’m a sucker for historical fiction, especially when it’s set during WW II.

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend.


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