Our Sunday

It was Bridget and mom taking on the world together last week. Brian was traveling for work through Friday.

After catching up on all the “fun” house stuff that got neglected while Bridget and I played outside and enjoyed this beautiful weather, we spent today exploring the metro parks in Hinckley.

Having moved from the heart of the metro parks in Berea, I was itching to find our new park to hike and have a picnic. Although this one isn’t in our back yard like at the old house, it sure is beautiful. There are several walking trails, a lake, open areas to play, and picnic tables galore.

I took several pictures that I’m in the process of editing and will share later. And best of all, I think I found my location for Bridget’s first birthday photo shoot. Eeek, I am excited!

When we got home, we snoozed for a little while and then headed right back outside. Bridget has really enjoyed our make shift “buggy” (aka laundry basket) so we knew she would love the wagon that we received as a shower gift from my friend, Tiffany, and her mom.

I would say this is quite the upgrade, wouldn’t you agree?




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