My favorite Golden Girls scene

After a busy weekend of moving, Brian and I finally rested our feet to watch a little TV tonight. Unfortunately all of my favorite Sunday night TV shows are no longer on the air so we were left to channel surf. We landed on TV Land that was playing a Golden Girls marathon.

Unless you haven’t met me, you know that Golden Girls is my absolute favorite TV show, past and present. I own all seasons on DVD, have seen every episode at least five times, and somehow managed to find a way to write my college senior thesis paper on the show. I just love everything about it.

While watching an episode this evening, a promo ran to visit a website and vote for your favorite episode. This would be a difficult feat; I don’t think I could choose a favorite. But I know I could choose a favorite scene; one that makes me literally laugh out loud and throw my head back like a little kid every time. Thanks to the online world we live in, I found it on You Tube, watched it for the umpteen time, and had to share.

Watch it here. Enjoy!

Happy Monday!


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