A warm and memorable Sunday

I love glimpse-of-spring-on-the-edge-of-winter days. They’re full of hope for warm afternoons, breezy summer nights, and family vacations. Yesterday was one of those days.

We received the keys to our new house on Friday and spent most of the weekend hauling boxes. After we finished the last trip, we spent Sunday afternoon at our current home. Since the initial bitter sweet feeling when our home sold, I’ve been focused on the excitement of the new house: the paint colors; wall décor; kitchen organization, etc. It wasn’t until yesterday that the bitter sweet feeling came creeping back.

Once Bridget awoke from her nap, and on the right side of the crib (she’s been a bit of a crab apple the last two weeks, but I think we’re on the upswing), we went for our last walk around the neighborhood. Brian and I have walked the streets of our neighborhood hundreds of times (especially when I was 9 months pregnant and desperate), and waved to this neighbor or stopped to chat with that neighbor. If you live in Ohio, you know what a 65 degree day in March looks like. People are out in shorts, riding bikes, doing yard work, and walking their dog, so we got to wave to that neighbor and chat with this neighbor one last time. When I was on maternity leave from June to August, I had visions of walking every morning with Bridget while she napped in the stroller, but that never happened. She didn’t like the stroller then, but now that she can sit up and face forward, she enjoyed the walk just as much as we did.

Bridget 2

When we returned from our walk, we weren’t ready to go inside. The day was too beautiful not to soak up every minute. So, we slipped on Bridget’s first pair of shoes (thank you, Annie!) now that she can “walk” and let her attempt to take a few steps on the dry, crisp grass.

Bridget 4

While we were playing outside, our neighborhood kids stopped by to visit. In the summer, our street and driveways are a playground for the kids, and it wasn’t until today that Bridget could join. It made me a little sad to think that Bridget won’t ride her bike with them or swing on their swing set. But, she did get to share her first sidewalk chalk experience and loved every minute.

Bridget 3

Bridget 1

We wrapped up the day by grilling burgers for the last time on our deck; the deck that Brian with his Dad and brother built. There were many hours, hard work, and beer that went into that deck and I’ll always remember those long days.

When I woke up yesterday morning, none of this was in plans for our last Sunday at 117. It was thanks to that glimpse of spring and a happy Bridget that made it a day I will never forget.



6 thoughts on “A warm and memorable Sunday

  1. What a beautiful sentiment hon! One of the best articles ever! You will have tons of fond memories in the new house as well! Cutest shoes ever!

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