Happy Valentine’s Day 2013

Valentine’s Day may be overly commercialized, but it’s still a fun way to celebrate the most important thing in life: LOVE.

Remember in elementary school when you’d pass out cards to classmates? Wouldn’t that be kind of cool if we did that as adults?

Earlier this week, I got inspired to host a mini Valentine’s Day photo shoot with Bridget to create a digital Valentine’s Day card for you, my readers, family, and friends.

I am not a professional photographer, and therefore don’t have access to creative props that are all the rage in photography. What I did have was a big idea, a Valentine’s Day-themed outfit, chalk board, red lipstick, and an adorable (so I think, but I am biased) but crabby 8-month-old model. My big idea didn’t pan out as planned due to the latter, but nonetheless, I snapped a few memorable shots.

Here’s how this “photo shoot” played out:

PicMonkey CollageAnd here is what my Valentine’s Day card would be if we celebrated it like we did in 3rd grade:

PicMonkey Collage 2


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