Got beer?

I received an email today from my not-so-little cousin, Darby. She’s graduating with her Masters degree in Brand Management in May.

Darby has always lived out of state so unfortunately, we’ve never had the opportunity to spend more than holidays and family vacations together, but I’ve always admired her. She’s smart, kind, fun, and something I’ve never been, adventurous. She studied abroad in Dublin, lived in NYC for a summer internship, and hopes to pursuer a career in advertising after graduation in a big city.

Anyway, long story short, Darby asked for my participation in a survey to assist with her thesis. She’s located in Virginia and is seeking feedback from a geographically diverse population. Since I know a few of you readers are from all over the country, I thought we could help her out by taking a few minutes to complete the survey.

It’s about beer. How fun is that? Here’s the link:

Now I’m craving an ice cold Michelob Ultra. Thanks, Darby!

Happy almost hump day, all!


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