A challenge to myself

I’m not big on New Year resolutions. I can only think of one that I made and successfully stuck to in the past: Flossing my teeth every night – no excuses. And as a result, I had my first cavity-free dental checkup in years. Yay me!

This year, I contemplated making another but nothing notable came to mind. Sure, I have lots of goals that I want to accomplish in 2013 (read more, organize our pantry once and for all, waste less time on my iPhone, learn more about my new camera, etc.), but none of these seemed like resolutions.

And then it came to me this past Sunday when Father Wally delivered his usual educational and inspirational homily. The message was nothing new: love God and your neighbor like you love yourself. But then he added some spice to that idea. It’s just as important to be lovable.

I asked myself: What makes one lovable? What can one do to be more lovable?

So, this will be my challenge for 2013 and beyond…to be more lovable.

Here I go…


P.S. Input and insight welcome!


4 thoughts on “A challenge to myself

  1. You are as lovable, kind and generous as they come! That resolution will not be much of a stretch for you! Love, Mom

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