Our “Doomsday” surprise

As I mentioned previously, I was not part of the 12.21.2012 Doomsday crowd. However, we had a scare on “Doomsday” that made me second guess its possibility.

Friday night was cold and snowy. It took me double my normal commute time to get home. I was officially beginning my holiday vacation. It was definitely an order-pizza-because-I-don’t-feel-like-cooking kind of night.

When the pizza delivery man dropped off our pizza, he handed us a box delivered from Amazon that was on our front porch. It was addressed to Brian and I. We weren’t expecting anything in the mail so there was an element of excitement: What is it? Who is it from?

When we opened the package, there was a gift note and a return label from a name we didn’t recognize at an address in France. The contents of the package were two shot glasses with images of flames and skulls that read “DOOMED.” First, we were confused. And then we became freaked out. A package from a stranger addressed to us personally containing Doomsday shot glasses ON Doomsday?

We took the package out to the garage and called Amazon immediately. When we reported the suspicious package, the customer service agent put us on hold to investigate. She returned and reported that the credit card used belonged to a friend of ours from college. We were a little annoyed at this practical joke that gave us such a scare. It just didn’t seem like something this friend would do. She put us on hold again and came back with more information.

Turns out, this friend ordered a toy for Bridget and it was mixed up with a gift for someone else at Amazon’s warehouse. The agent said, “Imagine their surprise when they open up the gift of a baby toy.”

Brian responded, “Probably a lot better than ours.”



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