A decade of friendship

As I’ve shared before (here and here), Heidelberg University holds a special place in my heart. Which is why a get-together this past Sunday will be a beautiful memory to cherish.

My very first friend at the Berg, roommate through my college years, and a best friend still today, Kim, hosted a mini reunion for our group of friends from Heidelberg and our families. This type of get together isn’t unusual. We are fortunate enough to see each other several times a year at different events and celebrations. However, the dynamic of this get together was quite different.

Three of us had a baby within the past six months. The last couple to get hitched said “I do” in May. We gathered at Kim and her husband’s recently renovated beautiful home. And we celebrated one’s promotion, and another’s new gig as a professor at Kent State University.

We’ve come a long way since Wednesday nights at Clover Club and Delt formals. But it’s because of these get togethers and many, many hours spent on the phone and sending email, that we’ve remained the closest of friends.

As we enjoy these next chapters of our lives together, I hope our children can also find friendship in each other. And they may have done just that on Sunday. Who knows…maybe this is the future Heidelberg class of 2034:


2 thoughts on “A decade of friendship

  1. It cannot believe that’s it’s been 10 years since we met on the third floor of King! And I’m so blessed for the friendship of every single person in that picture. What a wonderful day that was!

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