What I love most about Heidelberg

Today in the mail, I received the Heidelberg Bulletin and while skimming the content, the back cover caught my attention. It read: “What do you love most about Heidelberg?” This took me back more than 10 years ago when, much to the dismay of my 17-year-old self, I visited the Berg in an effort to appease my Mom. The campus was beautiful, the people were friendly, the size was perfect, a Communications degree was offered, and it was just-the-right distance from home. I should have been on the receiving end of an “I told you so” but that’s not my Mom’s style.

For other obvious reasons, Heidelberg was the perfect place for me. It’s where I met Brian, my husband, best friend, and father to our daughter. It’s where I formed amazing friendships that will last my lifetime. The education I received there has served as the foundation of my career which I enjoy and that challenges me everyday.

But, this question also made me think of the unconventional reasons why I love the Berg; the reasons that probably aren’t what this question is seeking. Here are some of them:

    • “Where everybody knows your name…” The Cheers theme song is quite fitting for the Heidelberg experience.
    • We called Allie’s Biology professor at 10:00 on a Sunday night to help us catch a bat flying around our house.
    • There is one cafeteria with unofficial designated areas where each sorority, fraternity, and sports team members dine together. Yes, it was just like high school.
    • My classes were held in the oldest building on campus, Founders Hall. This was the home of classes, dorms, and the dining hall when the Berg was founded in the 1850s. It’s full of history.
    • My housemates and I babysat the Dean’s kids more than once and enough to snag an invite to his home for dinner with the family.
    • All bars in the city of Tiffin are in walking distance from campus. Thank you, bar owners.
    • My sorority sister was on the Campus Security staff. Needless to say, safety was not much of a concern.
    • When asked where Tiffin is, students generally describe it in reference to Findlay, Ohio: our shopping and special dining destination. Nothing like using one small town to give direction to another.
    • Not many people can say they made it through four years of college without witnessing a single win by the football team.
    • Back in “my day,” it was Heidelberg College.
    • I know the original Heidelberg cheer: Killikilik ra ra zit zat ha ha yay moo bam zoo, Heidelberg. I do not, however, know its meaning.
    • I often dog sat for my Communications professor’s wiener dog.
    • I can proudly call myself a Student Prince and sport three colors that should never go together: red, orange, and black.
    • When Heidelberg flags hung around campus, they usually represented a special event. This was also known as “good food” day at the dining hall.
    • All the fraternities and sororities were local and honored great tradition. This also meant that dues were cheap and the experience of being in a sorority was nothing like the stereotype.

      Heidelberg University Class of 2034
    • It was not uncommon to see my professors enjoying a few adult beverages at the local bar on a Friday or Saturday night.
    • Brenda, the lunch lady, always greeted me by name and with a smile.
    • A family friend and alumni of Heidelberg University was seen proudly wearing a Heidelberg lapel and tie at a wedding this past weekend. He graduated approximately 40 years ago.
    • Our daughter will get to wear that adorable onesie in about six months.

I am grateful for my Mom for too many reasons to list, and encouraging me to go to Heidelberg is certainly one of them. It will always be a sweet alma home to me.


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