The good stuff: Week of 8.26.2012

Hello, September: my favorite month of the year!

I can’t believe another summer is here and almost gone. Here is some of the good stuff that’s happening along the way:

– Bridget is settling in well at Miss Denise’s. She’s happy when we drop her off and happy when we pick her up (and Miss Denise snaps some cute pictures to send me throughout the day). This has helped make the transition from home back to work a little easier every day. Thank you to all my family members and friends who shared encouraging words with me this past week. They really helped!

– I received a postcard from my good friend and former co-worker, Annie, who moved back to Portland last year. In this digital world, there is nothing like the feeling of opening the mailbox to a hand-written letter. And, because we both share a love for volleyball, I got a good laugh from the front of it.

– 2012 is another crazy busy wedding year for us and this past weekend, we celebrated the nuptials of Brian’s former college housemate, Danny, and his new wife, Nikki. We also got to spend much-needed time with some of our best friends, Whitney and Ryan. These too-few-and-far-between get togethers always make me wish there were more of them.

– Long weekends make any week better. I’m still of the belief that working five days to get two days off (with a bonus three-day weekend sprinkled in a few times a year) simply isn’t fair. I work with many international clients who, I’m convinced, are on “holiday” more than at work. But, I’ll take what I can get. And I am enjoying every minute of this long weekend!


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