Don’t blink…

I’ve been told many times to enjoy every minute with Bridget because before I know it, she’ll be grown. Yet I didn’t quite appreciate that sentiment until today.

For nine months, we waited impatiently for her arrival. During the 41st week of my pregnancy, I was convinced she was never coming out. And then she did. And then there were days that seemed like they would never end and mornings that seemed like they would never come. But they did. And August 22, the day that seemed so far away when I left work in May, came.

Monday was the toughest. Reality had set in that my time at home with Bridget was nearing the end. Tuesday was better. I was determined to enjoy every minute with her and not spend it feeling sad, so we cuddled in our pajamas all day. Today was a strange mix of emotions: sad, nervous, and excited; almost like the fall of 2002 when I left small town Chatham, Ohio for Heidelberg.

And then two things happened that helped brighten a gloomy day.

1. I was welcomed back by my co-workers with a sign, card, beautiful flowers, and a creepy picture of a crying baby dressed as an adult (which achieved what they set out for; a much-needed laugh).

2. Miss Denise sent me this picture with the caption, “Hi Mommy!” So simple, yet exactly what I needed.

We survived our first day apart. One day at a time, right?

And now I understand more than ever the wisdom that is to enjoy every minute because time goes fast. I’m going to try not to blink.


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