The good stuff: Week of 8.12.2012

This past week was a good one; a really good one. It was my last full week home with Bridget. I know this coming week is going to be tough (I can’t even type this sentence without tearing up), so I’m going to enjoy this feeling for a little while longer.

Our future volleyball player

– Since my days of competitive volleyball ended in college, I’ve been involved in many leagues since. After Brian and I married, he joined in the fun and for the last four years, we’ve played year round with the same group of folks. I sat out for this last year, and Brian did as well for the summer, so we missed seeing our teammates week after week. Since many of them hadn’t met Bridget, we played spectators to a game and took her along.

– Bridget and I spent our last Thursday at Nanny and Papa’s. We created so many memories this summer, and these will be some of my most cherished.

– For our baby shower, my Mom’s longtime friend, Linda, bought us a bottle of champagne with a card attached that read, “Celebrate when you can.” The bottle’s been chilling in the fridge, waiting for the right time to be opened, and this past Friday was it. After Bridget turned in for the night, Brian and I enjoyed some bubbly on our deck. Cheers to having so much to celebrate and thank you, Linda, for encouraging it!

– While this may not seem like a big deal to some, anyone who I’ve spoken to since June knows the ongoing battle that was the bottle. Fingers crossed, we *think* Bridget has finally mastered it. This is undoubtedly the really “good stuff” from this past week, and just in the nick of time.

I am determined to find the good stuff in the coming week. As much as I wish my maternity leave wasn’t ending, I am grateful to have a job I enjoy, kind co-workers to welcome me back, a caregiver who will keep Bridget in good hands, and the love and support of family and friends.

Have a great week, all!


2 thoughts on “The good stuff: Week of 8.12.2012

  1. Oh Shan…’s going to be sooooo hard. But you are so strong and such a good mom. The time you spend away from her will just make the time you are with her more special and amazing. I’m always here if you need anything. Even if it’s a good cry.

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