Thursdays with Nanny and Papa

For those who know me, know the special relationship I share with my Grandparents, Nanny and Papa. They are and always have been a significant part of my life and who I am today. Which is why it means so much to me that they are now a part of Bridget’s life.

My 12 weeks of maternity leave have been truly amazing. I have gotten to spend so much quality time getting to know Bridget and learn what it is to be a Mom; and am still learning something new everyday. But one of my favorite memories during my time with Bridget will be our Thursdays.

Since she was three weeks old, Bridget and I have spent every Thursday at Nanny and Papa’s house. Bridget will sit and stare at their ceiling fan and smile as it makes its way around. She’ll coo at Nanny as she talks to her, and unknowingly giggle at Papa’s inappropriate jokes. We’ll lay under the shade tree in their backyard looking at the sunlight peeking through the leaves. And then at 4:30, Grams (my Mom) will visit after work and Bridget will fall asleep on her shoulders. (Don’t be fooled; there is plenty of crying mixed in, too.) There is nothing elaborate or expensive about these days, but they are simply perfect. I leave there feeling fulfilled having spent the day with four of my favorite people and knowing that although Bridget won’t remember these early years, she was able to enjoy Nanny and Papa’s house in the summer just like her Mom did when she was growing up.

Thank you for these memories, Nanny and Papa!


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