50 things I want to tell my daughter

Above all, Brian and I want to raise a kind, loving, and respectful daughter. We don’t care if she is the best-looking, smartest, or most athletic. And God willing, we will be by her side, cheering her on in this journey of life, and trying to teach by example.

Until then, I’ve created a list of 50 things I want to tell Bridget; inspired by a fellow blogger’s list for her own daughter.

  1. You are our greatest blessing.
  2. Whenever you need a good laugh, watch The Golden Girls. It’s timeless humor.
  3. Print your photos. In this digital age, you will want old pictures to look back on.
  4. There’s nothing a warm bubble bath can’t help.
  5. When your Dad I go away for a weekend without you, be glad, as our love is the foundation of this family. You’ll have more fun getting spoiled by your Grandparents anyway.
  6. Always give your seat to your elders.
  7. Never forget where you came from. You will always have a home with us.
  8. When you are a guest at a party, offer to bring something and always help clean up.
  9. Call your Grandparents just to say hello.
  10. Don’t wish time away.
  11. You have made me appreciate my Mom more than I already do. Thank you.
  12. Your Great Grandmother tells me this every time I travel and it’s worth repeating: “Remember, all the crazies aren’t locked up.”
  13. You are incredibly lucky to have your Dad. He loves you in a way no one else ever can.
  14. The Golden Rule will carry you through your entire life: Treat others as you want to be treated.
  15. Address your aunts and uncles as “Aunt” and “Uncle.” It’s a small joy in life that you’ll come to appreciate.
  16. Your Dad and I are, and always will be, your biggest fans.
  17. Always have a black dress in your closet.
  18. Believe in miracles.
  19. Call your friends on their birthday. A text or Facebook post just isn’t the same.
  20. Your husband should think you’re more beautiful in sweatpants and no makeup.
  21. Send a hand-written thank you card when someone does something nice for you.
  22. Above all, I am your Mom, but you will always have a friend in me.
  23. A Little Debbie Swiss Cake Roll is better than a real Ho-Ho.
  24. Go camping; the real camping, with no electricity or running water.
  25. Pray often, especially when it’s just to say “thank you.”
  26. Embrace your natural beauty, pale Irish skin and all.
  27. Don’t be afraid to be the first to apologize.
  28. Schedule in a lazy weekend every now and then.
  29. Look forward to the next phase of your life but enjoy the one you’re in.
  30. Ask me for your Grandma’s macaroni salad and sugar cookie recipes.
  31. You can call me any time, day or night, for any reason.
  32. Respect authority.
  33. Appreciate that people and families come in all colors and sizes.
  34. Moisturize your face everyday.
  35. The quality of your friendships is far more important than quantity.
  36. Listen to Cat Stevens’ music. Your Dad and Grandpa will be proud.
  37. Cherish the relationship with your cousins.
  38. Read often.
  39. Don’t wear sunscreen less than SPF 30.
  40. I will never forget the way you made me feel when I first held you in my arms.
  41. The bookcase in your room has been in my family for four generations. I hope you can pass it on to your children.
  42. I hope your Great Grandpa can fulfill his desire to teach you how to burp the ABCs. He’s been excited for it since the moment he learned about you. Enjoy what you learn from him but be mindful of where and with whom you share it. :)
  43. Visit the Berg. Afterall, that’s where this all started.
  44. Your Dad and I hope to one day give you a brother or sister.
  45. If you are unfortunate enough to inherit my vocal skills, you probably don’t have a future in the choir or music business. Sing anyway.
  46. Make your conversations two-way by being a good listener.
  47. I hope you keep your Dad’s lovely blue eyes.
  48. Put your phone and computer down enough to enjoy real life.
  49. Always be your beautiful self, whoever that is.
  50. I will enjoy teaching you about life, and also learning about it from you.

To be continued…


11 thoughts on “50 things I want to tell my daughter

    1. Haha that sounds like brett:) I think he’s still unsure if he wants his beautiful “little” cousin (who’s 20) to date.

  1. This is so sweet Shan! I definitely got teary eyed at some parts. I really enjoy looking at your blog. You have such a wonderful way of words. If you ever decided to write that novel I would buy it… Not only because your my best friend but I know it would be amazing. Bridget is so lucky to have you and Brian. What a wonderful gift to her that she will be able to read all you advice, stories, and memories someday.

  2. I need to stop reading your blog because you make me cry every time I do. Can’t wait to meet Bridget in a few months. XOXO

  3. ok enough…… you really are setting standards high for others that want to be mothers someday. You are such a great mom, and find time to write amazing words…..I will be happy if i remember to change my kids diaper and feed them at least once a day! (jk) Bridget is one lucky little girl! I am so proud of you!

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