The good stuff: Week of 7.29.2012

Good morning and happy Monday!

Another week is here and gone. Time is flying by and I’m noticing it now, more than ever, as my maternity leave winds down. Only two more weeks at home with my Bridget, which is difficult to grasp, but I’m trying to focus on the good stuff and there was plenty of it last week.

– One of my best friends, Kim, and her husband, Rick, welcomed their first child on Saturday, August 4; a baby boy, Maksim William. Kim and I were pregnant together for most of the nine months and it was fun to share our excitement and nerves; and now the experience of motherhood. I had the pleasure of meeting baby Maksim yesterday and he is healthy and beautiful.

– Bridget and I spent a morning with Miss Denise, the woman who will be caring for Bridget when I go back to work. While it is sad for me to think about not spending my days with Bridget, it is comforting to know that she’ll be in good hands.

– Bridget had her two month checkup and is doing well. She’s in the 79th percentile for weight and 74th for height. I see a volleyball player in our future!

– Longtime friend of mine, Jenn, was visiting from Indianapolis and we were able to spend some quality time together. I am so proud to call her my friend. Since we met 17 years ago, Jenn always said she wanted to be a doctor when she grew up. Well, we’re grown up and she is now in her last year of residency in Pediatrics. It’s not often people become what they say they will at 11 years old. Go, Dr. Jenn!

Jenny, Jenn, and me at the reunion

– This past Saturday was my 10 year high school class reunion. As class officers, my best friend, Jenny, and I were responsible for planning and hosting the event. Although the attendance out of our class of nearly 300 was disappointing, I really enjoyed myself and the company. It was humorous how much we knew about one another, thanks to Facebook, though many of us hadn’t been in touch since graduation. I can’t decide if that’s a good thing or kind of creepy…

We displayed some mementos from high school, including the edition of our high school newspaper dedicated to our class. One of the features was, “Oh the places we’ll go…where do you see yourself 10 years from now?” and we had some good laughs reading through the responses. Some were spot on. Others weren’t. And mine was quite simple: “Married, rich, and happy (hopefully).”

My immediate thought was, “Married? Check. Happy? Absolutely. Rich? Well… hey, two out of three isn’t bad.” Then I thought more about it. At 17, I probably meant rich in the financial sense, but now I appreciate that there is a far more important definition of rich that I’ve accomplished. I am surrounded by people I love and people who love me and at the end of everyday, that’s the only kind of rich that really matters (although I wouldn’t mind winning the lottery, too!). So, I’ll consider myself three for three. Well played, 17-year-old, Shannon. Well played.


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