Brian vs. Food

My husband, Brian, is a former high school state-runner up and college wrestler. He’s also the 2012 champion of his company’s Biggest Loser challenge, losing nearly 40 pounds and 11 percent of his body fat in just a few months. He’s no stranger to managing weight loss.

With those credentials, it may be a surprise to hear about Brian’s recent food challenge domination. But those who are familiar with his hefty appetite, know he can certainly consume more food than the average person and quite possibly give Adam from Man vs. Food a run for his television show.

Curious about his true potential for food consumption, a small group of Brian’s co-workers created a food challenge series where each person is assgined an eating challenge and if completed successfully, lunch is on the group.

Brian was chosen to go first. With only one hour for lunch to conduct the challenge and a limited number of dining options nearby, his challenge was to eat three Chipotle burritos (approximately 1.5-2 pounds each).

With room to spare for a side of tortilla chips and guacaomole, Brian finished all three in 14 minutes.

Congratulations, Brian!


2 thoughts on “Brian vs. Food

  1. Job well done, Brian. This made me think of getting AJ’s Heavenly Pizza at the house on Main Street. I didn’t think it was possible for four people to eat that much pizza…but we did it!

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