Welcome to our sweet simple life

Growing up, I kept a journal. Not a diary; a journal. My journal wasn’t filled with my deepest, darkest secrets or juicy gossip. It was simply an outlet for me to document my thoughts. It was a practice run for eventually fulfilling my lifelong dream to write a novel. As I approach 30, reality has set in. I probably won’t write a novel; at least not one for publication. But, nonetheless I still enjoy writing and have found other methods to exercise this hobby.

Today, I keep a journal for our daughter in the form of letters. In this old-fashioned way, I shared my thoughts and feelings with her during my pregnancy. Now that she’s here, I write to her a few times a week to do the same; share our experience of getting to know her. What she likes, dislikes, and how she’s changed our life, and brings so much joy to it. One day, I’ll share this journal with her in hopes that, along with photo albums and memorabilia of her childhood, she’ll get a glimpse of these years through our eyes.

I also write regularly as part of my job. Emails, memos, documents, etc.

But, I have other thoughts, ideas, and experiences that I’ve found myself wanting to share. Hence, our sweet simple life. This blog will not change your life, home, or style. Pinterest has those covered. It is simply the modern-day version of my journal; now as a wife, mother, daughter, and friend.

I hope you enjoy!


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